About Stir

  • We are a small and determined
    animation studio that strive to
    engage, surprise and push boundaries.
    Stir works within the fields of
    animation, graphics, VFX, 3D and



Sagveien 23c, build 2,
0459 Oslo, Norway

How to

find us

Axel Lavin

Creative Director & Partner

980 70 670

Axel started out as a chef at the age of nineteen. Now he controls all the ingredients in Stirs creative processes. He has seven years of experience within the field, from directing to 3D-design. Axel is an ambitious young man, stating he is on his way to become the next Michael Phelps, after just 20 swimming lessons.

Øystein Relbo-Knutsen

Senior Motion Designer & Partner

+47 958 84 241

Øystein is the most experienced member of the Stir team, with broad expertise within design, commercials, film and event. He has won a number of awards: Gullblyanten, Gulltaggen, Visuelt, The One Show, London International Award, to mention some. The past nine years his main focus has been around animation and visual effects. Øystein started to think in hexadecimals and pixels already back in 1982, with the Commodore 64 as his starting point.

Mikael Svartdahl


+47 915 38 322

For the past three years Mikael worked at Storyline Studios as an editor.
He is best known for working with Christopher Borgli wich among other things resulted in the award winning short film «Whateverest».
He also has experience in graphic design, web design, motion graphics and producer.

Alistair Cheyne

Motion Designer

+47 458 74 174

Alistair comes from New Zealand, where he completed a Visual Communication and Design Degree. In Norway, he has been the AD at several vignettes produced by Gosu Design as Consumer inspectors, farmers and TV2 «See what happens».

Mats Ottesen

3D Artist

+47 988 06 240

The youngster upon the Stir team is former chess master of Trondheim, as well as earning the acclaimed title Student Expert of Autodesk Europe. Mats likes dogs and running long distances.

Eirik Magnussen


+ 47 470 11 046

Eirik takes care of all of Stirs numbers and economics. He has three years of work experience and a BA in Economics and Entrepreneurship. Eirik is a self-proclaimed bicycle enthusiast/mechanic, and also loves X-Files and Tetris.